Chicken and Pumpkin with Soy & Star Anise

Jump straight to the recipe → So this whole 'posting once a week' thing hasn't really worked out for me that well. I could make excuses but it feels better simply to adopt the mantra of a famous British Kate - never complain, never explain. (Now I've thought about it, there really are quite a few famous British Kates these days aren't there? Between the likes of Moss, Winslet and the artist formerly known as ...

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Diana Henry fennel, feta, almond salad

Fennel, Feta, Orange & Almond Salad {+ thoughts on growing my own veg}

Jump straight to the recipe → "Show me your garden and I shall tell you what you are" - Alfred Austin I consider myself to be a fairly logical, rational sort of person. I have become pretty boring since turning 30 and am not prone to random spontaneity or great frivolity these days. But every so often I go through phases where I am sure, convinced in fact, that every idea I have ...

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spelt cake diana henry gooseberry cake

Rhubarb, Almond & Spelt Cake {+ more thoughts on wholegrain baking)

Jump straight to the recipe → "A great empire, like a great cake, is most easily diminished at the edges" - Benjamin Franklin I had been putting my faith in the idea that the law of averages must (surely) dictate that, if you bake with wholegrains enough, you will eventually create something that does not resemble a musty cricket ball. And finally my faith has been rewarded in the form of this ...

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Salmon Tartare & Rye Crackers

"In 1998 a poll revealed that 54.4% of Icelanders said they believed in elves"  - Michael Booth, The Nearly Almost Perfect People I had intended to introduce this recipe with something about the prevailing mania in the UK for all things Scandinavian, when I came across this statistic in Michael Booth's recent book about the supposed "Nordic miracle". And how could we possibly talk about Borgen, minimalist furniture, Angry Birds, cinnamon buns and Lordi when we ...

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Radicchio & Red Onion with White Bean Purée

"Having one designated meat free day a week is actually a meaningful change that everyone can make, that goes to the heart of several important political, environmental and ethical issues all at once." - Paul McCartney (2009) We have been doing Meat Free Monday for a few months now, albeit with varying degrees of success as I seem to have a blind spot as to the proper classification of chorizo and ...

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Cookbook: A Change of Appetite

"Women can spin very well; but they cannot make a good book of cookery" - Samuel Johnson Just as I was really beginning to flounder with this whole healthy eating thing, a new cookbook clattered through the letterbox. An Amazon pre-order that I had forgotten I'd placed. AND IT QUITE SIMPLY CHANGED EVERYTHING. The book is A Change of Appetite by the Sunday Telegraph food writer Diana Henry and it turns ...

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