Buckwheat’s Back!

“Computers are like Old Testament gods; lots of rules and no mercy” – Joseph Campbell

It took pretty much all of my resolve not to add ALRIGHT to that post title. But I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Not because it would have been terribly cheesy (because why would that stop me?) but because the Backstreet Boys and I aren’t on great terms right now as I was rudely awoken by some nice chap belting out “I Want It That Way” at 2am on our street recently after the BST festival thing in Hyde Park.

So yeah, the site is back up! Four days later than advertised of course. Who would have thought that you need any sort of knowledge or experience of internet things to move your site to a new host, install a new theme and make a load of format changes?  I have only cried actual tears once during the whole process, which feels like some sort of achievement. The number of times my laptop has come close to being launched through a window though is significantly higher.

But here we are! It’s the same but different. New front page, some new menus and a few little tweaks. It isn’t 100% perfect yet and there are more bits and pieces coming (hopefully) over the new few weeks but do let me know what you think (unless you really hate it in which maybe I would prefer you keep that to yourself). And as much as I truly love writing HTML and fixing fonts, I suppose it is high time I get back to the business of writing about food.



The Buckwheat Adventure - Healthy Eating for Normal People (anything but another kale & quinoa salad)

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