Plenish Spicy Lemonade

I often quote myself. It adds spice to my conversation” – George Bernard Shaw

As my six regular readers will know, I recently attempted to replicate Plenish’s marvellous Cashew Milk in my very own kitchen and it turned out pretty damn well, if I do say myself. You can read all about that here. On the back of this, somebody I know off of Twitter (I’d like to say a Twitter Friend but I have never been sure on the etiquette of internet ‘friendships’) asked if I might have a go at their Spicy Lemonade. She is a fellow Plenish fan (and was even hardcore enough to do their 3 day juice cleanse. RESPECT) but presumably, like me, does not have a live-in oligarch to keep her in the real thing every day. Happily, as this is the only one of Plenish’s range (besides the milk) that doesn’t require a juicer, she was in luck.

So here it is. My take on Plenish’s Spicy Limonade. This is absolutely not for the faint-hearted. It is really just a cold juice version of the hot water-lemon-cayenne thing that they get so excited about over on Goop. It makes quite the kick-ass substitute for your afternoon coffee break if you are cutting down on caffeine though. The chilli is a great metabolism booster and the lemon and lime juice provide plenty of Vitamin C. And it gives you a throat and stomach burn that could rival a large shot of Laphroaig (OK, almost).

This is best made in a blender (I have recently heard very very good things about the Nutribullet if your oligarch won’t spring for a Vitamix) but you could do this in a food processor at a push and strain out the chilli bits afterwards.

To make 250ml, blitz the following:

  • 200ml water
  • 25ml lemon juice
  • 10ml lime juice
  • half a red chilli (obviously much depends on the size and heat of your chilli. Aim for about 4g of a medium hot one)
  • 3 tsp of coconut palm sugar (dried coconut nectar). You could use the liquid coconut nectar if you have it, or brown sugar.




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3 thoughts on “Plenish Spicy Lemonade”

  1. This looks gooooood! Going to make some for the Chap’s cold tomorrow. And because I bet I can make myself believe I’m thin after drinking it.

  2. I reckon I’m at least 2 dress sizes smaller after just one glass. It really does burrrrrn but it’s oddly addictive.

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