Healthy Procrastination 2




Welcome to this week’s (belated) round up of my internet time-wasting!

  1. Nice little piece on great inexpensive kitchen finds at Ikea. I have about half the things on the list (including the Ädelsten pestle and mortar, which I love) so they have obviously chosen well. It’s a US site but I think most/all is available at Ikea worldwide. I would also add the Ljust tupperware range and the Droppar storage jars to the list. (
  2. Still fear the fish? This article by Mark Bittman (author of How To Cook Everything and, more recently, leading proponent of the VB6 – Vegan Before Six – movement) lists loads of fantastically simple ideas for white fish fillets –  roasted, grilled (broiled to the Americans), fried or poached. But most importantly shows how easy it really is to substitute nearly all white fish for any other – rather than feel you have to go hunting for something specific for a recipe. (
  3. On a non-food related note, one of my favourite photographers, Gray Malin, has a fabulous revamped website. Go and look at it. He ships to the UK! Just don’t go mad and buy more than you have space to hang, like me. (
  4. I only very recently stumbled upon Sous Chef – a treasure trove of unusual ingredients (and all your Asian, Middle Eastern and Mexican staples), tableware and cookbooks. They even stock brilliant ‘starter’ packs for regional cooking (including Japanese, Chinese , Vietnamese and Mexican) which include a leading recipe book and all the necessary store-cupboard ingredients. And there’s a really good recipe blog too. They ship to the UK and Europe. (
  5. How could you possibly not click on a link called Congealed Salads, and marvel at the idea that somebody might serve the first one to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Seriously, though, number 3? Yes, please. (
  6. Tesco! Purveyors of the finest goblin?  (
  7. Need a knife sharpener? If you don’t have one you DO need one as blunt knives are far more likely to slip off food and onto your fingers. And sharp knives making cooking much quicker thus increasing your kitchen wine/dancing time. Buy this one. Small, very effective and sticks to your kitchen counter so that your hands are absolutely nowhere near it and your knife. (
  8. And last, but by no means least, pour yourself a large cup of something and read this brilliant piece – The Terrible Tragedy of the Healthy Eater – from The Northwest Edible Life blog. This was sent to me by the fabulous Katie at What Katie Cooked and I snorted my coffee across the room several times. Be prepared. (


The Buckwheat Adventure - Healthy Eating for Normal People (anything but another kale & quinoa salad)

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