Get in touch! I am particularly keen to hear from you if you have a fantastic recipe or great cookbook that you’d like to tell me about, have a question or know how to use spirulina without it tasting like horse urine.

You can use the buttons below to send me an email (old school!) or follow me on whatever social media application takes your fancy and get in touch that way. Oh, and do leave comments on the posts too if you like. That will assist in maintaining the illusion that there are more than five of you reading.


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6 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Well done Kate and thank gnocchi you are using an iPhone. The Blog reads great. James

  2. Hi Kate, I love your blog. I read somewhere about your love of your rice cooker and have decided to partake in the ricey party…what type do you have and do you recommend? I read it on one of your posts but couldn’t find again x

  3. Hi Lucy! So lovely to hear from you! so glad you like the blog. I originally had the Tefal 8 in 1 which I thought was brilliant (as it’s also a slow cooker and does grains etc) but it was just too big for the three of us (10 cup capacity) and had a 2 cup minimum which made loads of rice. I have a small 3 cup zojirushi now which has fewer functions but is small and perfect for us. They are quite expensive here but I suspect they may be cheaper in Australia as I think there are more Aus importers from Japan. X

  4. Hi Kate, I really like your blog. Are you still writing it? The last one I can see is 28th January, but maybe I’m not following it properly. Are you somewhere else or just taking a break?
    Thank you! Tracy

  5. Hi Tracy!

    Thank you for your message. I am so pleased you like the blog. I hadn’t realised it had been as long as January… I have been tied up with a new project ( where I am writing about kids/family food but I have a stack on things for this blog that I just need to find the time to write up. I am really hoping that it will be back up and running with regular posts really soon. Kate

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