david lebovitz chocolate cake dulce de leche

Salted Caramel Molten Chocolate Pots

"I love the smell of juice boxes in the morning" - Robert Duvall I was at a seminar thing recently where one of the speakers was Martha Swift, who turned her home cupcake operation into the hugely successful Primrose Bakery. I asked her whether she thought that her business, and those like it, were being negatively impacted by the War On Sugar that is currently being waged left right and centre. ...

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Incredible No-Knead Bread

 "A lot of people don't eat gluten because somebody in their yoga class told them not to" - Jimmy Kimmel You should make this bread. You really should. Really. That is, of course, if you haven't done so already. Because you probably have. Because, unlike me, you probably don't live in a cave and you found out about this amazing no-work bread technique around 150 years ago. Or at least at some point since 2006 ...

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spelt cake diana henry gooseberry cake

Rhubarb, Almond & Spelt Cake {+ more thoughts on wholegrain baking)

Jump straight to the recipe → "A great empire, like a great cake, is most easily diminished at the edges" - Benjamin Franklin I had been putting my faith in the idea that the law of averages must (surely) dictate that, if you bake with wholegrains enough, you will eventually create something that does not resemble a musty cricket ball. And finally my faith has been rewarded in the form of this ...

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Fruit & Nut Soda Bread

 "We've always found the Irish a bit odd. They refuse to be English" - Winston Churchill My foray into the world of Baking with Wholegrains continues to be, shall we say, challenging. Two batches of rhubarb and orange spelt muffins were decidedly average (tasty but resembling ice hockey pucks) and let us never speak about the wholewheat cinnamon buns I attempted last weekend. I expect it isn't really helped by the fact that I am ...

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Rye Banana Bread with Homemade Nutella

Jump straight to the recipe → "To be honest, I think bananas are a pathetic fruit" - Andy Murray (Hitting Back, 2008) Baking with whole grains is one part of this healthy eating thing that I have been studiously ignoring. White wheat flour makes the best cakes. FACT.  The absence of gluten in most alternative flours more often than not results in cakes that are dense and heavy, or dry and overly ...

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